Problems with radioactive material are encountered more and more often during the collection rounds of waste fractions. Today, with Dimma’s Geiger counter it is possible to measure the radioactivity of the collected waste in real time and block it before placing it inside the compactor.


Battery life>117 000 h at 20 imp./min
Beta Radiationfrom 0,2 MeV
Depth30 mm
Heigh161 mm
Lenght70 mm
Weight153 g
Measurement capabilityAlfa radiation · Beta radiation · Gamma radiation until 1000 µSv/h
Gamma radiationFrom 0,02 MeV
RadiationAlpha, Beta, Gamma
TypeGeiger counter
Includesincl. analitics software , incl. dosimeter function
Power supplierBattery
Alfa Radiationfrom 4 MeV


This Geiger counter is particularly suitable for the continuous measurement and recording (data storage) of radiation/radioactivity at the measurement location (permanent monitor). Measuring range of weak environmental radiation up to large amounts of radiation from 0.01 µSv/h to 1000 µSv/h (legal limit value 20 mSv per year).


  • Different function trought 10 keys
  • Working witouth changing battery for 12 or more years (depenfing from usage and consume
  • New program for analisis and control with menu on Windows® included on the CD
  • Dosimeter function: display of accumulated radiation doses (radioactivity)
  • Window geiger counter (GM) self-extinguishing for alpha, beta and gamma radiation
  • Alpha and beta radiation fading system
  • Measures small changes in environmental radiation. Pulse sum storage selectable in stages of 1 min, 10 min, 1 h, 1 day and 7 days
  • Variable calibration according to the strength of the doses
  • Each Geiger counter is subject to a function check and receives, on behalf of and under the control of the radiation protection institute of an FH, a numbered test certificate, in which there are saved test data.

Included in delivery

  • PC reading software on CD-ROM
  • USB Cable
  • Quality certificate with serial number
  • Instruction

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