THE Panda COLUMN is a multimedia computerized user interface system for the acquisition and storage of data relating to waste deliveries carried out at a COLLECTION CENTRE.

It allows to:

  • Identificate the users,
  • The weighing of the delivered materials
  • The storage of data relating to these operations in terms of date, time, user, weight and type of each material
  • The printout of the receipt relating to the operations carried out
  • The time stamp function for managing the working hours of the operators assigned to the Collection Centre

The Panda Column also allows for any optional expansions and additions:

  • Multi-balance function
  • Access control with automatic bars
  • Video surveillance
  • Access management with transponder with gate opening

The Panda column contains a file (database) of such dimensions as to be able to store and manage all potential, users of the service provided by the Collection Centre in which it can be located.

Each user who accesses the Collection Centre will be identified by the column on the basis of the personal data already in memory (viewable on the monitor) or through the use of a barcode visible on a card.

Users can be divided into categories and the IT system, recognizing the category they belong to during the identification phase of each user, combines a predefined group of materials that can be assigned to each category.