IKW is a card capable of limiting access to a protected resource (BIN OR BIN) via a motorized lock. The board is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and is equipped with a Bluetooth module for external communication. It uses a short-range 125 kHz RFID reader to recognize authorized users and records all openings of the lock, compiling a history of accesses performed.

An Android smartphone application, supplied, allows you to program the card, download the list of authorized users, check the battery charge status and read the access history via Bluetooth communication.

To minimize consumption, consequently prolonging the life of the battery, the board operates in an ultra-low power state, from which it is awakened by pressing an IP67 anti-vandal button by the operator or by a tip-over sensor.

In the case of outdoor applications, it can be supplied with a protective rigid plastic “shell”.


  • Dimension 37x46x8 mm (1.46×1.81×0.31 inch)
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery powered (optional AC adapter)
  • Programmable list of authorized operators (up to 400 codes)
  • List of enabled users
  • Recording of over 65,000 accesses
  • Minimum consumption in ultra-low power mode
  • Digital motor with 90° right or left angular travel settable by software 5 kgm of thrust
  • The accompanying Android application allows you to:
    • Verify the cahrge of the battery
    • Download the allowed user list
    • Load and save the open list
    • Caricare e salvare la lista delle aperture