Weighing on approved and non-approved demountable vehicles

The system involves the installation of a number of between 4 and 6 load cells placed between the frame and the counter-frame, the load cells are made of stainless steel and are sized in such a way as to guarantee durability and reliability over time.

The system is also composed of 4/6 hydraulic pistons which lift the container during the weighing phase

The system can also be installed on ADR vehicles

An inclinometer/accelerometer installed on the frame checks the alignment conditions of the frame with the ground and transmits the angle to the control unit for the appropriate weight correction calculations

The inclinometer works with CANBUS technology and is more reliable and precise than any other reading system. The system, of course, can be interfaced with identification systems that allow the subtraction of the tare/gross automatically by recognizing the container and the GPS locates the location of the event The system can be approved according to current European legislation