On-board heavy vehicle overload control system. DIMMA KMAX The on-board weighing system that prevents OVERLOAD TUTOR fines and tells you when your vehicle is traveling overweight, saving you from a certain fine

The Overload Tutor is an innovative dynamic weighing system for moving heavy vehicles, developed by Autostrade per l’Italia, which uses Tutor technology. This project aims to detect with extreme precision the weight of vehicles, as well as other important information such as class, number of axles and speed.

The system is based on sensors installed in the pavement of highways, with four sensors for each lane. These sensors are able to detect the weight of heavy vehicles while they are moving, therefore allowing vehicles that may exceed the permitted load limits to be immediately identified.

Furthermore, there are cameras placed on a portal along the road, which acquire digital images with high graphic resolution. These images allow the Traffic Police to visually identify vehicles that may be carrying an excessive load and to intervene promptly to stop them and take appropriate corrective measures.

At the moment, Autostrade per l’Italia has installed five Overload Tutor stations along the routes with the greatest flow of heavy vehicles. This system aims to improve road safety and prevent the transit of vehicles that could be dangerous due to overloading.

The initiative represents an important step to ensure compliance with regulations on vehicle weight and to reduce the risk of accidents caused by excessive loads on Italian motorways.

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