In 15 years of experience and knowledge of the on-board weighing and identification industry, Dimma Srl has developed a range of solutions dedicated to meeting all the needs of the waste collection industry.

  • On-board weighing systems: Dimma Srl offers its customers on-board weighing systems to detect the exact weight loaded on board, the weight of the single bin and the total load, proving dynamic and static solutions, as well as a series of approved instruments that allow you to invoice your customers based on a certified and accurate weight.
  • On-board RFID identification: our company offers identification systems for collected bins, which represent a valid tool to certify the work performed. These identification systems can be autonomous or combined with on-board weighing systems.
  • Overload control systems: not only on-board weighing systems, Dimma Srl also offers devices dedicated to detecting excess load on the truck.
  • Access control systems for containers: Dimma Srl also deals with technologies applied to containers, including smart locks that are able to identify users, given access only to authorized citizens.
  • Management software: our company also provides customers with the needs of web functions dedicated to displaying and interacting with on-board weighing systems, RFID identification systems and access control systems on bins.